The Feeling of Freedom

Aadi pedaled his rented rickshaw quickly through the streets, hoping to return it in time. The shop closed at 5 P.M. and if he was late in getting it back, the owner would charge him extra. The vegetables Aadi sold brought in a little income, but nearly a third of the money went to renting the rickshaw. Whatever was left […] Read more »

I’m Going to Die Soon

Harij walked slowly along the road. As the tuberculosis continued to attack his body, his weakness seemed to increase each day. The doctors said he didn’t have much longer to live. The news had rattled Harij. His long search for healing had yielded no results, and now he had to face telling his family goodbye. The Lord Gives Life As […] Read more »

Deep in Debt, No End in Sight

Modak lay still, nearly paralyzed by an unknown sickness. Doctors had tried different medicines, but they could find no cure. Every trip to the hospital resulted in another treatment and another payment. With this routine, not only was Modak broke, he was desperate. Drowning in Debt Life used to be easy. Modak had a good job and adequately provided for […] Read more »

They Wanted to See the Movie Again

Palti paused for a moment and prayed. For most people, watching a movie is a routine act. But for this missionary, it wasn’t so simple. As Palti prepared to show a film on the life of Jesus to the remote village, more than 400 people had gathered. Palti knew that opposition could come, and it did. A Drunken Crowd The […] Read more »

Joyful Hearts, Changed Lives

They are poor, uneducated, malnourished and ignored by their society, but today, these believers gathered in joyful expectation. Several pastors selected them to receive gifts from Gospel for Asia’s Christmas gift distribution program because they were some of the most severely impoverished people in the region. Gifts that Changed Their World Altogether, 51 families were blessed with livestock, rickshaws and […] Read more »

“What Difference Can I Make?”

With four children to provide for, Aamani knew her husband worked long hours in the fields just to feed their family. The walls of their small mud house were falling apart, and the roof leaked during the rainy season. Aamani and her husband couldn’t afford to send their children to school, so they spent their days wandering around aimlessly. But […] Read more »

The First and Only Church in Town

Pastor Mardav’s vision wasn’t deterred by the fact that not a single soul in this village knew Jesus. He believed that God was able to reach the people there! Mardav and a few other believers started sharing the love of Jesus with the villagers, and gradually, a new fellowship was born. They Outgrew the House Pastor Mardav initially led worship […] Read more »

What Could a Piglet Do for Your Family?

At just 18 years of age, Vaneet has taken on a lot of responsibility. Her father died when she was eight, and now, living with her elderly mother, she works hard as a laborer in a tea garden to provide for their needs. Her mother worships the gods and goddesses of her religion faithfully. A Gospel for Asia church is […] Read more »