Worth Every Minute

Two hours is a small price for Bhima to pay. He’s made this journey countless times, but when you’re feeding the hungry, the joy is worth it all. Pastor Bhima travels to the surrounding villages of his home, sharing the love of Jesus with many who have never heard Christ’s name. When Bhima came to a town two hours away, […] Read more »

Burn Incense or Trust God?

The question lingered in the air. Should Sanjaya’s parents burn incense to their gods, or pray to the Lord? They knew their daughter’s life hung in the balance. A Difficult Journey Sanjaya was only fifteen when the demons first attacked her, and her health quickly went downhill. She suffered for two years as the condition worsened. Her frightened parents called […] Read more »

Clean water

Not Allowed to Drink . . . Water?

Shaunak’s prayer was one simple request. He asked God for water. There was water in the village—plenty of it. But Shaunak and the rest of his people were not allowed to have any. Shoemakers by trade, they were low caste, hated and considered to be untouchable by the elite of society. “I was praying daily for the provision of water,” […] Read more »

‘If I Die, What Would Be Next?’

Ekachith had known the Good News since he was a child, sitting through the Sunday school lessons his parents made him attend. But it never meant anything more to him than it had to his parents—Jesus was someone to acknowledge on Sundays, and that was all. As he grew older, Ekachith stopped caring about even the Sundays. He had a […] Read more »

Two friends

Literature Brings New Life

Sampat was discouraged. No matter how he looked at it, his business was in trouble. When he first opened his goldsmith shop, the business had flourished and the profits were good. But now he was in debt, and he saw no way out. How was he ever going to provide for his four children? At least he still had his […] Read more »

Eight Sisters Change Family Legacy

  Indrani’s childhood habits were drinking, smoking and gambling. “I learned these things from my parents, but now Jesus has redeemed me from my bad habits,” this mother of eight girls joyfully shares. A New Legacy Indrani’s eight daughters, due to the family’s poverty, roamed the streets of their slum village and got into trouble. They couldn’t afford to go to school. […] Read more »

Young girl

From Restlessness to Redemption

Shamila woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of her father shuffling around. He was speaking nonsense again. Because of a mental disorder his sleep was regularly disturbed, and Shamila often wasn’t able to rest through the night either. Things were not better once the morning came. The new day would only remind Shamila of how […] Read more »

Girl praying

The God Who Answers Prayers

For all their religious devotion, Oja’s parents seemed mostly unnoticed by the deities they worshiped. They had to make ends meet as daily laborers, never able to find a regular job and always uncertain of what the next day would bring. But lately, 11-year-old Oja had been learning about a different God—One who cared and could make things happen. A […] Read more »


Nobody’s Listening

Is there a God who listens and answers people’s prayers? Who created this earth and all the things in it? It was not the first time Roshan had thought about these things. Although he, his parents and his two sisters were devout followers of one of Asia’s traditional religions, the lack of response from their gods often left him wondering […] Read more »

Gospel Literature

Homecoming Ends in Fellowship

Dhevan was home. During his third year of Bible college he was assigned to his own village for his year of practical ministry, along with two other students, Talib and Nivrutti. The three lived together with Dhevan’s family, the only Christians in the entire village. The students spent most of their days passing out Gospel literature and visiting families, but […] Read more »