Putting a Roof over Her Head

Lopa could not get well. She couldn’t afford proper treatment for her ongoing infections and sicknesses, because she was a widow working as a day laborer. The longer she went without medical care, the worse her condition became until she wasn’t able to go to work at all. It seemed that there was nothing for Lopa to do, until she […] Read more »

“My Thoughts toward Christians Have Changed”

When Bageshri was invited to a Gospel for Asia Vacation Bible School, she thought she already knew all about Christians. As devoted as her parents were to their traditional gods, Bageshri’s father had no problem working as an idol-maker for a different local religion. But Christians were a different story. Christians were off limits. “Christians are not good because they […] Read more »

Forgotten Islands Now Reached

   Forgotten Islands… Life on the islands of South Asia is very secluded – lacking even the basic items that we would consider absolute neccessities. The islanders live day to day, often with no hope of their circumstances ever improving. Hopelessness is the perfect way to describe them.   …Forgotten no longer Yet because of your support, 18 national missionaries […] Read more »


Prayers and Compassion for Leprosy Community

Already viewed as a burden and even a curse in her culture because she is a widow, Aditri also suffers from the physical pain and social dejection of having leprosy. She lives in a center for leprosy patients where Gospel for Asia staff members recently distributed food packets and blankets. Although the center is run by a group of people […] Read more »

Two Friends

Old Friendship Brings New Life

Kaaliya was home from Bible college and eager to share how God was working through his first year, but not everyone shared his enthusiasm. In fact, his old friend Baalaark looked like he was about to burst into tears. When Kaaliya finally asked what was wrong, crying was exactly what Baalaark did. While the friends had lost touch over the […] Read more »

Man drinks muddy water

Drinking Mud and Arsenic

Would you rather drink water laced with arsenic or water from a pond animals swim in? For the people of one small village, this was the choice they had to make every day. The village had a tube well, which should have been a blessing, but between the arsenic and the bad smell, it was a “blessing” the villagers only […] Read more »

A Future Worth Seeing

The people of Labangalata’s village generally cared more about making a good profit than practicing religion, but Labangalata’s powers as a priestess were hard to ignore. She could see the future and visit “the village of the dead,” and the community gave her high respect for it. It seemed only natural, then, that the missionary at Labangalata’s door should listen […] Read more »


A Place to Call Home

The new hut offered little more than four walls and a roof, but Naamagal was plenty grateful to have that for a night. At 56 years old, she had raised two children, but she lived as if she had no family at all. Like many South Asian widows, Naamagal had lost any semblance of a normal or safe life after […] Read more »

Men with projector

The Thief Who Brought Them Hope

Taksheel had been away from home for three years, but it didn’t take long for his old neighbors to recognize him. The village had dreaded the thief’s release from prison, and now they would spend their nights wondering where he was and what he was doing. Adding to their frustration, some unwanted visitors had arrived to screen a film about […] Read more »

Women Missionaries: Offering Hope

Why Women Missionaries? In many Asian cultures, it is wrong for a woman to interact with a man who is not her husband. That is why a woman missionary is the perfect solution! Each woman missionary already lives in Asia. In preparation for ministry, she has gone through three years of intensive ministry training. She knows the cultural taboos instinctively. […] Read more »

He Couldn’t Breathe

Young Raya couldn’t help but overhear as her neighbor poured her heart out to Raya’s parents. The neighbor, Bulbul, shared how her husband, Samen, had been sick for a year. He had difficulty drawing each breath and his family was paying enormous amounts of money for treatments, in hopes of a cure. But his condition remained the same. Bulbul shared […] Read more »