Bridge of Hope student

‘Teacher, My Father is Mad!’

Kumar Patel, 9, had recently began attending a Bridge of Hope center in his hometown and was enjoying it. But there was a mystery about Kumar the staff couldn’t solve. “Where is your father?” one of his teachers asked. “We have never seen him.” “Teacher,” Kumar replied, “my father is mad. Therefore, he never comes to pick me up.” The […] Read more »

Widow in South Asia

Widows Find Hope on Mother’s Day

“Twenty-four years have passed since my son threw me in this old-age home. He has not yet come to see me.” —Chairavali Dahal, a South Asian widow On the outskirts of a South Asian city, 12 women between the ages of 58 and 82 live in a home for the elderly. Deserted by their families when they became too burdensome […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope student

Young Girl Brings New Life to Family

Having two sons and a young daughter to care for, Mitali did not have much time to mourn the death of her husband. She suddenly became the sole provider for her children, and often, the work she found didn’t provide much. Seeing her children regularly go without meals broke Mitali’s heart. She often cried in secret over the condition her […] Read more »

Sick woman

A Life-Changing Phone Call

The doctors had done all they could, but the outlook was still grim for Kanaka. Medicine was not going to work, and surgery could not offer any kind of hope either. Her kidneys were diseased, and Kanaka knew their failure would result in her death. Kanaka, her husband and their two children decided that ending their lives on their own […] Read more »

Alcoholic Father comes to Christ

No Longer an Alcoholic

The time eight-year-old Rajni spent in the Bridge of Hope center was a welcome break from the reality she faced at home. For Rajni and her family, life was far from peaceful. Her parents had steady jobs at a wood factory, but her father Paraag was addicted to alcohol and would come home drunk night after night. His drunkenness often […] Read more »

From The Heart of a Mom

This mom is making an impact Corie, a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope sponsor, shares her story in this short video. As we see her perspective as a mom sponsoring children across the world and involving her own children in this decision, it places before us even more reasons why investing in something that has lasting results…eternal results…is not […] Read more »

Delivered from Darkness

Chintav and Ranjita wanted nothing to do with Prateeksha, the Gospel for Asia missionary who had a habit of visiting them at their home and telling them about Jesus. Although Chintav and Ranjita responded to the woman missionary with mockery and opposition, Prateeksha continued to spend time with them and share words of encouragement from the Bible. Prateeksha had every […] Read more »

Church building

Lost in His Daughter’s Debt

Even as a retired widower, Taarank had never received support from his only daughter—not even after he had helped her out in her time of need. Now every call from the bank collector was a heartbreaking dose of reality: He had been duped. Taarank hadn’t had much money to help out in the first place. He got by each day […] Read more »

Stolen Goats Bring Opposition to Church

When local witch doctors and villagers realized their powers were no longer working, they immediately blamed Gospel for Asia pastor Ghalib. Ever since Ghalib had started sharing about the God of the Bible, things in the village had changed. Men and women were leaving the traditional religion of the community to follow Jesus, which was frowned upon by their neighbors […] Read more »