National missionary gave him a Bible

Sleeping in Heavenly Peace

Paulos tucked his Bible under his pillow and lay down to sleep with confidence. It may not be a big deal to others, but he doesn’t take peaceful sleep for granted. It wasn’t long ago that nightmares plagued Paulos. Every night, he’d wake up screaming. He was even afraid to sleep alone, so he’d spend some nights at friends’ homes. […] Read more »

Widow invites neighbors to film ministry

Widow Hosts Film Show, Reaches 50 Neighbors

Tanaya didn’t have much, but Gospel for Asia pastor Niranjan and the film team visiting the area weren’t looking to make a profit when they offered to show her family a film about Jesus. They only wanted the chance to share the Good News and pray for them—and Tanaya’s family could certainly use prayer. Tanaya’s husband, Chakradev, had fallen sick […] Read more »

A national missionary and Bridge of Hope staff prayed for healing

Their Prayers Didn’t Heal Her

In a place where most families struggled to pay for even basic necessities, Rohit’s family was among the poorest. Rohit’s father had died years ago, leaving Rohit’s mother, Aabha, to singlehandedly provide for two children—one of whom suffered from chronic pain. When Rohit was 8 years old, the local Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center began helping out by […] Read more »

A national missionary prayed for his healing

What the Witch Couldn’t Fix

Habib was his parents’ only son, so they took care that he would pass on their beliefs to his three children. When Habib suddenly became ill, though, it seemed all their efforts over the years might have been for nothing. First, Habib felt stomach pain after drinking alcohol. He took the village doctor’s medicine, but it only worked a few […] Read more »

A national missionary showed her hope

Tormented Widow Given New Life

Oditi had seen her husband in the grips of demonic attacks and suffering from a serious illness that ultimately led to his death. Suddenly, she was a widow with young children to care for on her own, but after her husband’s funeral service, a demon possessed Oditi too. Oditi quickly became out of control and no longer acted like herself. […] Read more »

125 Families Desperate for Water

In a small South Asian village, both believers and those who follow traditional Asian religions had one thing in common—a desperate need for clean drinking water. The local government had provided a well for the community, but the extreme heat of the summer quickly dried up any water the small pump had been able to produce. “We tried our best […] Read more »

Missionaries Reach Out On Literacy Day

The number of illiterate men and women in South Asia is well into the hundreds of millions, with women being the majority of those who have never learned to read or write. Gospel for Asia pastors and Women’s Fellowship team members look forward to International Literacy Day, on September 8, as a special opportunity to reach out to their communities […] Read more »

A national missionary reach out to him

Missionary Shares Christ’s Hope with Grieving Father

It was not without reason that Jamin’s life was characterized by fear. Two of his sons had been killed, and he had been helpless to prevent their deaths. Now the heavy-hearted father watched as his remaining two children suffered in different and painful ways. His son was so sick he wasn’t able to eat anything, and his daughter was under […] Read more »