A dream come true

A Mother Eager To Learn

Marya longed to help her five children in their studies so they could succeed in life, but there was just one problem: She couldn’t read. Marya could look after the children, take care of the house and even help her husband, Ravi, in the fields, but when it came to her children’s studies, she had nothing to offer. Marya had […] Read more »

VBS Student

A VBS Program ‘Beyond His Imagination’

Himesh hadn’t even hit his teens when he started breaking curfew. The 11-year-old boy had no respect for his parents and preferred spending late nights with his friends instead of listening to his parents’ lectures. One day, though, a Christian friend asked Himesh to visit a young GFA pastor named Chirayu. The pastor invited Himesh to attend a Vacation Bible […] Read more »

Biosand water filter provides clean water

Water So Clean They Couldn’t Believe It

The water was so dirty it turned every vessel yellow and often made people sick. Yet everyone in the area drank it without a second thought for their health. As part of 768 million people worldwide without access to clean water, they couldn’t afford a second thought. Most of the people in the village worked as laborers, leaving early in […] Read more »

Temporary Church Building

Full Healing and a Sturdy Ceiling

Kalith and his forefathers had a deal: He worshiped them with sacrifices of goats, pigs and chickens, and they kept him from harm. So when Kalith started experiencing severe stomach pain, he couldn’t figure out why his forefathers didn’t heal him. Kalith and his family performed the regular rituals and sacrifices as he tried medicine after medicine, but the illness […] Read more »

Man Listens to GFA Radio

Mesmerized by the Christians’ Music

Chandrakanta was a faithful follower of his traditional religion, but when he heard the music of the Christians on the radio, he couldn’t stop listening. The first time Chandrakanta listened to Gospel for Asia Radio, he was captivated by the songs’ beautiful melodies. Before he knew it, the singing was over and a speaker had begun to share from the […] Read more »

Women's Fellowship

Abandoned and Abused

After five years without children, Nadia’s husband decided he’d had enough and married another woman, but starting over wasn’t quite so easy for Nadia. Her parents were gone, so she moved in with her older sister and began sewing clothes to earn her living. The new home, however, was far from being a peaceful refuge: Nadia’s husband had wanted nothing […] Read more »

Baby Boy

Breaking the Status Quo Didn’t Work

As a newly married farmer who faithfully worshiped traditional Asian gods, Sahaj wasn’t one to challenge the status quo—until he had his baby boy. Wali was born with some kind of defect, and Sahaj and his wife, Udichi, knew the infant needed more than the typical trip to a witch doctor. They took Wali to the hospital often, but the […] Read more »

2014 Issue 1: The Pastor without a Dream

  Features: The Pastor without a Dream A Grace They’ve Never Seen Once a Begger for Love No Longer Wandering   Departments: Conversations News from the Mission Fields Profile Ministry Focus Guest Writer Prayer Focus Resources Five Minutes With K.P. Read more »