Gospel for Asia-supported workers hosted a free medical camp in a flood-ravaged area.

Medical Camp Helps Community Threatened by Sewage-Contaminated Floodwaters

In late July, heavy monsoon rains inundated many parts of West Bengal, India. The resulting floods killed 50 people. When open sewer drains contaminated the floodwaters, people fell prey to diarrhea, skin diseases and other waterborne illnesses. On August 17, Gospel for Asia-supported workers in West Bengal hosted a free medical camp for flood victims in a community that was […] Read more »

He Answers Our Prayers

In a feverish voice, Tina called out to her parents. “Please pray for me to the Lord so I may get cured,” she said. Her parents had been doing everything they could to help their only daughter. They offered many sacrifices to their gods and goddesses, but their precious girl was slipping away from them. In the midst of her […] Read more »

Sad Widow Mother

‘I Am With You Always’

There are times in our lives when we can feel alone and hopeless. For Lalita, that time came after her husband died, leaving her stranded with two small children. But into her helpless situation, God provided shelter for her family, education for her children and a special message of comfort for her alone. Love Reaches Out Lalita struggled after her […] Read more »

In one city in Myanmar, a landslide destroyed hundreds of homes.

Relief Teams Aid Devastated Communities

Heavy monsoon rains, intensified in some places by Cyclone Komen’s landfall in late July, flooded several regions of India and Myanmar, destroyed thousands of acres of crops, affected millions, left thousands homeless and killed hundreds. In Myanmar alone, more than 100 people perished. As affected regions struggle to rebuild, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams are doing their best to […] Read more »

Clean Water and a Cup of Hope

Gratitude swept through the crowds as families received their new water filters. “Thank you very much for this valued present for the survival of my family,” one recipient responded. After the flooding that had devastated their water source, recovery now seemed possible. Flooding and Diseases The flooding this region had experienced was very destructive, causing many villages’ water sources to […] Read more »

How a Movie Introduced the Healer

Two poles held up a clean white sheet displaying a film on the life of Christ. Many eyes were locked on the screen. One woman in the crowd looked a little more intently at the forms projected on the sheet as she saw Christ raise Lazarus from the dead. Maybe there was still hope for her son’s healing? Desperate to […] Read more »

Flooding in Myanmar Ruins Crops, Livestock and Homes

Continuous heavy rains in western Myanmar have destroyed thousands of homes and flooded hundreds of acres of paddy fields. Schools and marketplaces have also closed or are submerged in the rising waters. In their struggle to survive, villagers have fled to the hilly areas to make temporary shelter. Food has become scarce, and many are dying from starvation. One Gospel […] Read more »

Landslide Victims Receive Comfort and Aid

In West Bengal, India, landslides and flooding have devastated the land and caused the death of more than 40 individuals in Darjeeling district alone. Farms, livestock and homes are destroyed and roads have been blocked, disabling aid to come in swiftly. In a little hilly village where 60 families live, almost everyone has suffered major loss from the flooding. The […] Read more »

As Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries share Christ's love, many women are experiencing the transforming grace of Christ.

A Witch Doctor Who Couldn’t Heal Herself

“If you believe in Jesus, He will set you free from all bondages and give you eternal life.” These words rang a sweet melody of joy and hope in Smita’s heart. She longed for deliverance, and the woman at her side gave her much assurance and comfort. Devotion Leads to Witchcraft Smita grew up as a devout follower of her […] Read more »