God Saves Men from Almost Certain Death

Putt. P-putt! Whiroooo… hiss! The recently purchased four-wheeler was supposed to take Himmat and his companions up a hazardous road to a nearby village to sell clothes. Instead, it sputtered to a…

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It was on a difficult road like this one that Himmat and his companions cried out for help when their four-wheeler broke down.

Film Gives Hope to Desperate Father

Hardik lived a simple but happy life. His government job produced a decent wage, and Hardik’s wife, Karuna, had borne him a beautiful baby boy. The kindhearted people in his village lived…

Hardik’s son spent almost half of his two years of life battling a mysterious sickness. The desperate father found hope for his healing after watching a film showing Jesus performing many miracles.

From Picking Trash to Picking a College

Bir’s village was located in rural fields. Villagers diligently worked the land, which relinquished just enough crops to feed hungry bellies. Chicken farmers even took on a summer crop to supplement their…

Bir, like the boy pictured, excelled in school through the care and tutoring at Bridge of Hope.

Hope Emerges from Sickness, Death

Bahar’s husband was gone. Stricken by cancer, he passed away after fighting it for a year. Bahar and her four children were devastated. Not long after her husband’s passing, Bahar herself fell…

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Bahar (not pictured) was prayed for and encouraged by Pastor Raz and the believers many times during her struggle with cancer in gatherings like this.

The Weight of the World

When Paden turned 12, his life drastically changed. His father passed away, leaving Paden, his mother and his two younger siblings all alone. The responsibility of caring for the family fell to…

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GFA-supported pastors minister to all who are in need, like Paden (not pictured).

Bedridden Man Walks Again

God sent Prama and her Women’s Fellowship team to Sampat’s village at a moment of despair for Sampat’s family—his life was about to be extinguished. Sampat, a model son, was everything his…

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