Through Gospel for Asia supported national missionaries, thousands of villages are hearing of Jesus’ name for the first time, and experiencing His love. But for these Good News bearers, life is not always easy.

A Future Worth Seeing

The people of Labangalata’s village generally cared more about making a good profit than practicing religion, but Labangalata’s powers as a priestess were hard to ignore. She could see the future and…


Worth Every Minute

Two hours is a small price for Bhima to pay. He’s made this journey countless times, but when you’re feeding the hungry, the joy is worth it all. Pastor Bhima travels to…


Opposites Find Common Ground

Maagh and Saaras were great friends, but they were opposites in many ways. Maagh worked overtime; Saaras worked occasionally. Maagh lived on his own; Saaras depended on his parents financially. Maagh followed…