Vacation Bible School Lesson

Three Days of VBS and Asking for More

“I never thought that I would be a part of a VBS program,” said Lajja, but at age 18, she finally got her chance. Last summer, a group of Gospel for Asia missionaries brought a vacation Bible school program to the orphanage where Lajja and 49 other girls live. The missionaries divided the girls, ages 4 to 18, into three […] Read more »

National missionary and growing church

One Family’s Life Reached a Village

Ikshu had studied diligently in his medical courses to be able to heal the afflicted. Now, as he looked at his sick wife and children, he felt nothing but hopelessness. Why is it happening? Ikshu thought. Like the many doctors and witch doctors he took his family to, Ikshu didn’t have an answer, and his chances of finding one were […] Read more »

Woman with son

No Longer Standing Alone

Avaneesh would rather spend his time with another woman than with his wife and their child. When he was home, he was intoxicated and didn’t seem to remember that his wife, Jerusha, and their son, Somdev, needed him. Somdev knew something was wrong after noticing his father was hardly ever home. He would ask his mother, “Why is father not […] Read more »

GFA Radio speaker

Faith Comes by Hearing

Fenil’s two-year-old son, Nandin, had been sick with a high fever for three days, and even with proper treatment his condition did not improve. As a professional driver, Fenil worked hard to provide for his family, but now there was nothing he could do for his suffering son. On the third day of Nandin’s fever, Fenil was driving a school […] Read more »


Fifty, Single and Finally at Peace

Fifty years of being single weren’t enough to get Oliyarasi out of being asked the dreaded question: “Why aren’t you married?” Out of six children, Oliyarasi was the only one who hadn’t married, and the prying and mockery of her neighbors was so bad, she was embarrassed to even step outside. Oliyarasi offered prayers and sacrifices to her gods, believing […] Read more »

Church building construction

No Reason to Quit, No Reason to Return

After years of holding prayer meetings in his house, Gospel for Asia pastor Chitral and his congregation were getting a church building, and with the Lord’s help, they had hired one of the best construction engineers in the city to work on it. Ihit was famous for his quick, quality work. Every project he put his hand to was a […] Read more »


Merrymaking and Sharing Christ

The streets were filled with such singing and dancing that one couldn’t find a quiet place in the entire city, and police officers were out in full force. It seemed almost everyone was taking part in the birthday party for their community’s god. Amid the merrymaking, Gospel for Asia missionaries share about someone else worth celebrating: Jesus Christ. Although a […] Read more »

Clean water through a BioSand water filter

‘I Cannot Live without This Filter’

Dadhija’s family had suffered from stomach pain, dysentery and nausea for months, and it really was no wonder: The water they drank was full of worms and, sometimes, sewage. The family got their water from the municipal pipeline—the only water source in the community. When the pipe broke, sewage mixed with the water, and the families had no option but […] Read more »