His Wife Was Dying

Bhavya had earnestly sought healing for his wife, Ghambiri, for two years. He prayed and offered sacrifices to his gods, but they did not answer. As the situation worsened, he lost hope for any change. It all began one day when Ghambiri became virtually comatose. She was taken to the hospital, but nothing could be done to bring her out […] Read more »

Bible college students

The House that Couldn’t Sleep

Vadin cried out as the pain set in again. His right foot was paralyzed, and the 50-year-old farmer suffered from an acute chest pain and severe headaches. He had no relief for more than a year, and it seemed as if his condition would never improve. No Treatment Found Although Vadin went to the hospital, no treatment could heal him. […] Read more »

Doctors Fail, VBS Teacher Prays

Saeeda crawled across the floor like a snake, but her children knew she wasn’t playing a fun game of pretend. The spirit attacking her caused this strange behavior, as well as severe stomach pain. Saeeda had tried medicine for the recurring attacks, and her husband took her to every place he could in search of her healing. Still, the family’s […] Read more »

National missionary prays

Bound with Ropes Until Christ Set Him Free

Nirav awoke in a cold sweat, only to find himself bound. This was not the first time he had been kept in a room like this, isolated and unable to escape, but it had not always been this way. Nirav had once lived a fairly normal, contented life. His parents were devout followers of the region’s traditional religion, and though […] Read more »

Medical ministry

Clear Sight in One Dozen Villages

As a farmer in South Asia, Bakhtawar had spent his life working hard and getting dust in his eyes—so much dust that, over time, it damaged his vision. Unfortunately, the hard work didn’t give him enough money to fix his eyes. Knowing the area was full of people in the same predicament, Gospel for Asia pastors and their churches organized […] Read more »

Family gathers water from Jesus Well

Drinking the Water That Killed Their Livestock

Ekanath walked up to the open well and peered over the edge, gazing down inside. What he would normally see as a clear reflection of his face was now a grimy glare of green water and worms below. Ekanath sighed as he turned away from the dirty well and looked off down the road. He now braced himself for the […] Read more »

Widow and family now have hope

Widow Wishes She’d Heard of Jesus Sooner

Amari became a widow three years ago at just 37 years old. Her husband, Selvan, was attacked with witchcraft and became seriously ill. Amari and Selvan tried to get help from doctors and performed many rituals and sacrifices for Selvan’s healing, but it was all in vain and he passed away. Since Selvan had been the family’s only source of […] Read more »

Silhouette Prayer

A Spiritual Touch Changed His Life … Twice

Johan trudged through the jungle, collecting leaves to make curry for his wife and children, when he felt something touch him—a touch from spirits. After eating dinner with his family that night, Johan went to bed, but very early the next morning he awoke—shaking his head uncontrollably, bewitched by evil spirits. He began practicing sorcery that day. Johan could see […] Read more »