Pastor shares with family

“Jesus Christ Is Surely the Lord”

When Tarakesh Gurung returned after working in a distant city for eight years, great happiness filled his home as he reunited with his wife, Mila, and their three children. But it was short lived; they soon began arguing over the family’s finances. While Tarakesh was away, he sent his wife the money she needed to care for their children. Where […] Read more »


From Nighttime Terror to Sweet Rest

The house looked like it had been deserted long ago; cobwebs filled the rooms, but Maalai, Safia and Tannishtha ventured inside anyway, pressing toward the mysterious moaning they had heard from outside. The three women were Sisters of Compassion: national women missionaries specially trained to offer care in some of the most desperate communities. Whatever waited for them, they were […] Read more »

Father Healed, Son Is Home

Ritesh was like any 13-year-old in his village. His parents farmed for a living, so he was often out late with friends and faithfully served the gods of his culture. But even that had not kept Ritesh from rebelling against his parents, no matter how much they counseled him. “When I look back to my past life, really it was […] Read more »

He could have face persecution.

Risking His Life to Save It

Oorjit’s community was strongly devoted to every tradition, ritual and rule of their religion—and performing honor killings against anyone who wasn’t. Yet for all Oorjit’s devotion to his gods, he and his family could never find peace or happiness. For two years, Oorjit had suffered from a stomach ache so severe that the 20-year-old would scream in agony, rolling on […] Read more »

Studying in Bible College

‘My Call Is Different’

Naham Gupta didn’t know much about the Bible, but he knew he had a unique calling and couldn’t ignore it. He decided to move his family from their village so he could attend Bible college. He was determined to learn and later return to his village to share Jesus Christ with others. His friends, knowing his lack of Bible knowledge, […] Read more »

Slum ministry

Strangers in the Slums

Nabha was born into a family familiar with disappointment. Years ago, they had arrived in the city, hoping to make a decent salary. Instead, they roamed the dirty streets, collecting garbage for meager wages. When Nabha grew up, she married and contracted tuberculosis. Between the births of her two children, Nabha’s husband, Padman, took her to the hospital and bought […] Read more »

National Missionary

The Gospel Gave Her Hope

Ruchira, along with her husband, Jayin, came from a deeply religious background. She prayed and practiced rituals regularly to receive blessings for her life. However, there came a time when her life was anything but blessed. Ruchira started behaving strangely toward her husband and children, acting roughly and saying hurtful things for no apparent reason. She did not take care […] Read more »


All of His Plans Failed Him

Ever since Ojas started his own business of renting tents, he had met with constant failure and disappointment. In order for Ojas to start a business he had to get a loan from moneylenders. When the business met with little success, the interest began racking up. It was not long before he was in deep debt. No Peace The moneylenders […] Read more »

Gospel literature

Calling on a Dead Man

After five years of typhoid, the magician on a TV commercial seemed as good a bet as any for healing. Seva had seen multiple doctors, but tests didn’t even show that she was sick, so Seva and her family paid the magician’s fee. Unfortunately, he couldn’t cure the typhoid either. Seva turned to her father-in-law, Raivath, who was a witch […] Read more »