Clean water

A Well for Strangers

Ratnakar lived only a few miles from the local church, but he’d never seen such a large crowd around it as there was that day. As he got closer to see what was happening, Ratnakar just became more confused. The crowd was gathered around a well, and someone was announcing that the well belonged to the whole village—that anyone, without […] Read more »

Sickness in the Family…Twice

Basanti lived with her husband and their three children in a community that believed their forefathers were the only connection to their god, and black magic was the cause of all their medical struggles. One day, Basanti’s husband became very ill, and she turned to many witch doctors to get him healed. The witch doctors performed all the rituals, yet […] Read more »


Five Years Without Saying a Word

In South Asia, turning 5 years old can be a milestone: Some kids go to school and make new friends while others start their first job to help support their families. By the time Tanushri turned 5, her parents were desperate for far simpler accomplishments. Emaciated and weak, Tanushri couldn’t walk, eat or speak by herself. She spent most of […] Read more »

Finding Joy Between the Lines

Young Abhinav had to quit school after seventh grade because of his family’s financial condition. He even had to move to a village two and a half miles away to live with his aunt, Mishti, to ease some of his parents’ financial responsibilities. He didn’t enjoy living with his aunt much; she’d often share with him about Jesus—something he didn’t […] Read more »


Remote Village Now Growing in God’s Love

For countless years, the men and women of a rural village in Asia worshiped the traditional gods and goddesses of their religion. Day and night, the villagers prayed to their deities, not knowing any other way of life. One day a man came to share about the God of the Bible, whom the men and women had never heard of […] Read more »

Water Flows from the Mountain Side

Basking in the mountains of east India rests a small village with more than 50 families. They work hard six days a week laboring in the tea gardens, doing carpentry work or working other jobs they find in order to make a living. The village seems nearly abandoned during the day with only the mothers, young children and elderly quietly […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope meals

Regaining the Love She Lost

Bala is an only child, but she didn’t grow up with any of the privileges normally attached to her position. Despite her father’s hard work as a laborer, Bala’s family hardly had the money for one meal a day—much less to dote on Bala with nice, new clothes or to send her to a good school. When Bala turned 5 […] Read more »

man working in field

Wasted Time and Money

Chandragupt was committed to following whatever instructions the witch doctor gave him for healing. For 10 years, he struggled with back pain that had crippled his walk and made it difficult to breathe. He often called the witch doctor, whom he believed would bring him healing, all the while carefully following the religion of his forefathers, offering sacrifice after sacrifice […] Read more »

Women at a Jesus Well

Miles of Pain for a Dirty Drink

Everyone in the area knew the familiar sight of women and girls trudging for miles along parched land, searching for water. Almost as familiar were the complaints of joint pain most of the women suffered. After miles of carrying full water containers back to their villages, agony burned through the women’s shoulders, hips and knees. Even then, they couldn’t refresh […] Read more »